“1. Uluslararası Avrasya Sağlık Turizmi Kongresi” ertelenmiştir.

26-29 Eylül 2016 tarihleri arasında Kazakistan’da düzenlenmesi planlanan “1. Uluslararası Avrasya Sağlık Turizmi Kongresi” ertelenmiştir. Kongre tarihi daha sonra bu sayfa üzerinden duyurulacaktır. Gönderilen bildiri özetleri ile birlikte tarihler yeniden belirlenene kadar gönderilecek özetler de değerlendirmeye alınacaktır. İlgililere duyurulur.

“1. Uluslararası Avrasya Sağlık Turizmi Kongresi”
Düzenleme Kurulu


Health Tourism which dates back ancient times, has recently gained a great deal of importance in terms of tourism destinations, and has received a significant part in service export shares of countries. Health tourism has a turnover amounting approximately 100 billion dollars. Besides, income obtained from a health tourist is about 10-15 times higher than income from an ordinary tourist. The increasing competition in health tourism is expected to encourage institutions and organizations providing services in this field and countries to implement collaborative competition strategies.

Health tourism can be defined as organized travels for the purpose of physical and spiritual wellness as well as for increasing individual wellbeing level. In the literature, it is divided into three main categories as medical, thermal and disabled tourism. In this globalizing world, rapid developments in transportation and communication technologies, increase in elderly population, cost pressures and extending waiting periods, people’s desire for heathier life and increasing awareness of societies are increasing the interest for health tourism day by day. The ease of patient mobility among Asian and European countries for health tourism purposes will ensure that people will reach more qualified and safe services at more affordable prices. In terms of countries’ economies, this situation in return will pave the way for savings in health-related costs

On the occasion of 27th September World Tourism Day, Ahmet Yesevi University and Atilim University decided to organize “1st International Eurasian Health Tourism Congress”. This congress which will be held in Turkistan, Kazakhstan between 26th and 29th September 2016, is believed to contribute to the development of health tourism among European and Asian countries which have a significant potential in health tourism. In addition, we hope that this congress will contribute to enhancing economic, political and cultural ties between countries. This congress will provide an opportunity for academicians and all partners in health and tourism sectors to share their information and views. In this way, problems encountered in this field will be determined and possible solutions will be developed and offered.

I would like to extend my deepest appreciations to each and every institutions and organizations who support the congress, and we would like to invite those parties who dedicate themselves to health tourism.


Prof. Dr. Musa YILDIZ
Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Universityi
President of Board of Trustees

Organizing Institutions

Supporting Institutions